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Pastor Bio

Pastor Bio:  Bishop Kevin F. Alston

Bishop Kevin F. Alston, founder and pastor of Prepare for the Rapture Ministries, has been a believer in Jesus Christ since the early 80’s. He is married to Lady Valary L. Alston and have two wonderful children. Bishop Alston, a Bladensburg High School graduate and retired 30-year United States Marine Corps Senior Staff Non-Commissioned Officer, re-dedicated his life to Christ in October 1996 at Free Gospel Deliverance Temple in Washington DC, under the leadership of Apostle, Dr. Ralph E. Green, where Kevin’s life started to take on a whole new meaning, heading in a new direction with purpose. In 1999, under watch-care ministry with True Holiness Ministries, founded by Apostle Erskine Hawkins Jr., in Jacksonville NC. Bishop  Alston, fellowshipping at both assemblies, maintaining his relationship with Christ through apostolic teaching and strengthening of purpose to live an effective Christian life. During this season, Kevin’s whole being repositioned itself.  His Purpose became clearer—to minister to the total man. While with True Holiness Ministries, elder Kevin was licensed in 1999 to preach the Word of God, being careful of the call on his life. 

Returning home to his wife and children, retiring from the Marine Corps in January 2002, Kevin started Prepare for the Rapture Ministries with weekly bible study in his living room. He would still drive to Jacksonville twice a month, fellowshipping with True Holiness and going to Free Gospel. In 2002, he and his family moved on to Wisdom Ministry Outreach Center in Washington DC under the care of Bishop Reginald Randolph. Bishop Randolph, being obedient to the Spirit, in October of 2003, ordained Kevin to pastor a congregation. At that time, Sunday services and weekly Bible Study were held in the living room that soon grew and relocated to the basement.   

In his Christian walk, Bishop Alston, by the grace of God, has achieved several ministerial and academic accomplishments. He received a Certificate of Completion from Free Gospel Deliverance Temple’s Oversight Committee (Ministry Workers Workshop II), acknowledgment of “Well Done” for his Lay Leader work from The Camp Lejeune Command Religious Program, Certificate of Appreciation from Mainstream Inc., for his work in facilitating “Purpose Driven Life” seminars at a local state detention center.

Bishop Alston has earned several ministerial degrees. He has earned a Master of Arts degree (Pastoral Counseling) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School - Lynchburg, Virgina, and a Bachelor of Religious Arts degree (Biblical Studies) from Logos Christian College -Jacksonville, Florida. Additionally, he has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from University of Maryland, University College (UMUC) - Adelphi, Maryland.

He enjoys reading the Word of God, spending time with his wife and family, working out, coaching/mentoring, riding his motorcycles and the company of family and friends.

1st Lady's Bio: Lady Valary Alston

Lady Valary L. Alston, co-founder of Prepare for the Rapture Ministries, has been married to Bishop Kevin F. Alston, pastor of Prepare for the Rapture Ministries,  since 1984. She has been believer in Jesus Christ since the early 70’s. She has two wonderful children, Kevin II and Lanaѐ. Lady Valary was a United States Marine, volunteering in July, 1982 out of Reading Senior High School in Reading, Pa.

Lady Valary is a dynamic woman of God. Tirelessly, she labors side-by-side with Kevin. Her ministry is invaluable to Prepare for the Rapture Ministries, as she ministers to the body in various ways. She wants the best for believers in the body of Christ and demonstrates this desire by her genuineness of sincerity, love, patience and compassion for the wholeness of all she meets.

"First Lady Valary is a wonderful example of the love of Christ being displayed in the earth. She has a heart for people and a desire to help them reach their potential in Christ and in life. She is a surrendered vessel to God and allows God to use her and be glorified through her, even in the midst of her own trials. She exemplifies the scripture of being the kind of friend who sticks closer than a brother. She is generous with her time, finances and talents which she constantly shares with others readily. It is such awesome blessing to be able to refer to her as my friend, sister and leader.  I can truly say that meeting First Lady Valary has forever changed my life and that truly makes her a Christ like example." Minister T. Clack

Lady Valary enjoys spending quality time in the Word of God, spending time with her family and extended family and friends.

When God looks at her, he surely would call her blessed and highly favored. She promotes having a real, personal relationship with Jesus Christ in and to the body of Christ and exudes her conviction of the wonder-working power of God through her life, her calling and her ministry! She truly is a
Barnabas for today!

Invitation to all:

At Prepare for the Rapture Ministries, we are non-denominational with an Apostolic calling on our lives. We love the Lord God with all our heart and soul, mind, and with all our strength. We believe where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and we worship Him in Spirit and in truth! So, if you are ever visiting in the Glenarden, MD. area or in search for a church home (Acts 2:38-47), Prepare for the Rapture Ministries’ door is always open.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOCK, JUST TURN THE KNOB, COME ON IT AND THANK THE LORD. 

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